The personal blog of Even Alander, containing a lot of information about how this blog is built, but also some posts of somewhat creative stuff.

  1. Guitar - - I should try to focus my somewhat limited free time, but here I am, adding another hobby.
  2. Fragment Identifiers - - Hyper text has this awesome feature which only a handful of pages seems to implement.
  3. Valid HTML - - You will not believe what happened to this guy when he ran his web site through a validator.
  4. 2017 - - Yikes! A year without updates.
  5. Nostalgia driven web design - - I've "recently" updated alander.org, and by "updated" I probably mean re-designed, and by "design", I'm not so sure...
  6. Lynx - - Trying Lynx for the first time recently prompted me to make my web site more user accessible.
  7. The ssstraight story - - The not so straight story about moving this blog to Amazon s3.
  8. Tetris - - As a continued effort to focus on games for my personal projects, I made Tetris.
  9. Snake - - I made Snake. As a focus for this year I really want to make games, and if I keep things simple (stupid) enough, I can maybe complete several.
  10. Post install - - I read some documentation and learned something about Heroku buildpacks.
  11. Re-building this website - - Yet again rebuilding a site that already worked. But optimization, you know.
  12. Post stats 2014 - - This started as a fun post to encourage Håvard to start updating his website more frequently.
  13. Optimizing for git - - I've run into a huge git repo trap a couple of times where I just end up deleting my git repo to initialize a new one just to avoid getting into rebase.
  14. Digging through old files - - I started some work gathering old content and restore my web site to even greater heights than its former glory. Then, I sort of forgot about it, until now.
  15. Arduino Uno - - I know nearly nothing about working with electronics or programming with hardware. Soon, however...
  16. Building this website - - How I build... err, how I used to build my website.
  17. Getting myself a logo - - Is a 5$ logo worth it? Not really, but also to cheap to complain much about, so I made one myself.
  18. Warm Echo - - Totally forgot that I've posted some music here earlier, and should continue doing that. At least when I'm somewhat happy with what I've made.
  19. Recent events - - Hello blog. A writeup of things happening On line and Off line
  20. WTF, Spotify? - - The decline of the once great service, Spotify.
  21. Numusic and Nuart - - I went to Numusic this weekend, and coincidentally, Nu art.
  22. U don't simply uplay - - I love Splinter Cell Blacklist, I'm just no fan of its container
  23. Playing with time lapse - - I Brought my camera out, put it on a tripod and made it take pictures on a timed interval.
  24. WZ - - This is cheesy song I made at a large LAN party called Warp Zone
  25. Fine Day - - This is a song I made, but never finished, and probably never will
  26. Restoring iameven - - I've started filling up this page with my earlier content, starting with my latest blog and the blog on alander.org
  27. Ableton push - - I like this "take the tour" page. They do not fear the fold.
  28. Ghost - Light weight Wordpress - - The idea of a stripped down, stream lined and fast blogging platform seems like a good idea.
  29. Everything on the net should be dated - - Talking about obvious things that are obvious. Dates should be stamped on everything that is published.
  30. Euro Offshore container - - For a stand on ONS (Offshore Northern Seas) Euro Offshore wanted a stand to showcase their products.
  31. Niels Juels street - - One day while working on a web site of some sort, I got called into a meeting.
  32. Kverneland Næringspark - - My second project at adsign was to make a small film with Eivind showcasing an upcoming industrial area.
  33. Hiking - - During this spring and summer I've been on several hiking trips, usually with Christopher.
  34. Fume Tests - - Fluid dynamics are really fun to play around with. Fume is a plugin for 3ds max to simulate just that.
  35. More Lexi pictures, in Sandveparken - - Catching up on some photo editing. These pictures were taken in early April. Robert and I had another walk with his dog, this time in Sandveparken.
  36. Trustbuddy - - Animation done for Trustbuddy to be shown on Swedish TV4 for a couple of weeks.
  37. Lexi visiting the beach - - Robert and I brought his new dog, Lexi, for her first trip to the beach. I brought my camera for the occasion and was able to grab a handful of decent to good pictures.
  38. A Bit Weird - - I discovered an application for my phone and made a small experimental short film, with weird music.
  39. Weekend trip to Sirdal - - A couple of pictures I took when the sun decided to show itself for a couple of minutes. Bit windy and a long wait for the lift, but really fun to go skiing again. Oh, and it was cold.
  40. Old sketches - - A collection of some sketches I drew and scanned in 2009.
  41. Håvard's post stats - - I counted the posts on hermiene.net and put them into a graph.
  42. Rant about airports - - My experience when departing from Bangkok Airport. A lot of queuing gave me time to observe and think about peoples behavior.
  43. The Good Old Days - - In mid winter of September 2010, in Melbourne at Deakin University, Christian Mønnich gathered a main collective of earlier Noroff students around a table and handed out scripts water marked with each individuals name. It was a script for a "short" film set during World War II.
  44. Beetle - - While making "The Good Old Days" I got an opportunity to make a car for one of the sets. The size in the final render on screen was really small so this is way too detailed. But I really wanted to make this one look good.
  45. 206 - - I actually considered buying a 206 turbo at one point, but I couldn't afford it. It's also French which is not the best thing when it comes to cars, or so I've heard. But it's a really cool car, at least the rally version.
  46. Phone sketches - - Finger painting is fun, and on the phone, not very messy.
  47. Noroff 3DDA - - This is a recap of the works I made during my first year at Noroff taking the course 3D Design and Animation, or 3DDA for short. (Media heavy post).
  48. Panorama pictures, Sola and Stavanger - - These photos where taken with a Canon Ixus 75, And then stitched together in Photoshop to create seemingly huge photos. I scaled 3 of these down to around 1 MB but kept 2 of them at the original size.