Hi. I am Even. Even Alander. By day, typer of TypeScript. By night, father of son, husband of wife, watcher of TV, player of games, writer of music, author of texts, reader of books… This is my personal public diary, or blog if you prefer. Here you can read about my mundane life, my creative projects, and about this web site.

  1. Footnotes - - I added some support to use markdown footnotes properly.
  2. Toothache - - The story about the brief period before and my latest visit to the dentist.
  3. Moving to Stavanger - - As I wrote in the year that wasn't we bought an apartment in Stavanger over a year ago. Now we've finally moved in.
  4. Weiriverse - - Andy Weir has written 3 published novels. While they are separate stories they do share a lot of themes.
  5. Fixed broken audio/video elements - - I discovered that the media elements on this site wasn't working and fixed that.
  6. Contact form removed - - I've had the contact form at the bottom of all my posts for 3 years now and have received 0 emails.
  7. TV 2021 - - Looking at my view history on Netflix it is not hard to see where a lot of my time went last year.
  8. Aer - - I recently completed Aer on the Switch. It's like there is a good game in there, somewhere, I swear.
  9. The year that wasn't - - I came across the retrospective I wrote on 2019 but never published. It felt recent, like it was last year, but it wasn't.
  10. Maintenance - - Let's blow off some dust of here with some work updates, some site updates, some personal goals, and some news about Sam.
  11. 2019 - - Covering for my radio silence in 2019.
  12. Crackdown - - A crack at Crackdown 3. I got to borrow Håvards Xbox One to play Crackdown 3.
  13. Dark Mode - - Visiting this site might give a totally different impression if you prefer dark color schemes.
  14. Elsewhere - - Waiting for the new office last week, I worked from café's, libraries, and elsewhere.
  15. Dust - - Wow. Such health. Very exercise. Many less food.
  16. Podcast game - - A late night Trackmania Turbo and Omega Tau podcast session.
  17. Contact form - - Reporting directly to you from a chair seated right next to Håvard.
  18. Indistinct - - It purrs on my desk now, the upgraded desktop PC.
  19. Blogger - - 601 (Original Mix) by Kahwe is currently playing in the background. It's currently 23:41 and I'm not tired.
  20. Discworld - - I've just completed reading The Light Fantastic, and before that The Colour of Magic. They're quite good.
  21. Guitar - - I should try to focus my somewhat limited free time, but here I am, adding another hobby.
  22. Fragment Identifiers - - Hyper text has this awesome feature which only a handful of pages seems to implement.
  23. Valid HTML - - You will not believe what happened to this guy when he ran his web site through a validator.
  24. 2017 - - Yikes! A year without updates.
  25. Nostalgia driven web design - - I've "recently" updated alander.org, and by "updated" I probably mean re-designed, and by "design", I'm not so sure...
  26. Lynx - - Trying Lynx for the first time recently prompted me to make my web site more user accessible.
  27. The ssstraight story - - The not so straight story about moving this blog to Amazon s3.
  28. Tetris - - As a continued effort to focus on games for my personal projects, I made Tetris.
  29. Snake - - I made Snake. As a focus for this year I really want to make games, and if I keep things simple (stupid) enough, I can maybe complete several.
  30. Post install - - I read some documentation and learned something about Heroku buildpacks.
  31. Re-building this website - - Yet again rebuilding a site that already worked. But optimization, you know.
  32. Post stats 2014 - - This started as a fun post to encourage Håvard to start updating his website more frequently.
  33. Optimizing for git - - I've run into a huge git repo trap a couple of times where I just end up deleting my git repo to initialize a new one just to avoid getting into rebase.
  34. Digging through old files - - I started some work gathering old content and restore my web site to even greater heights than its former glory. Then, I sort of forgot about it, until now.
  35. Arduino Uno - - I know nearly nothing about working with electronics or programming with hardware. Soon, however...
  36. Building this website - - How I build... err, how I used to build my website.
  37. Getting myself a logo - - Is a 5$ logo worth it? Not really, but also too cheap to complain much about, so I made one myself.
  38. Warm Echo - - Totally forgot that I've posted some music here earlier, and should continue doing that. At least when I'm somewhat happy with what I've made.
  39. Recent events - - Hello blog. A writeup of things happening On line and Off line
  40. WTF, Spotify? - - The decline of the once great service, Spotify.
  41. Numusic and Nuart - - I went to Numusic this weekend, and coincidentally, Nu art.
  42. U don't simply uplay - - I love Splinter Cell Blacklist, I'm just no fan of its container
  43. Playing with time lapse - - I Brought my camera out, put it on a tripod and made it take pictures on a timed interval.
  44. WZ - - This is cheesy song I made at a large LAN party called Warp Zone
  45. Fine Day - - This is a song I made, but never finished, and probably never will
  46. Restoring iameven - - I've started filling up this page with my earlier content, starting with my latest blog and the blog on alander.org
  47. Ableton push - - I like this "take the tour" page. They do not fear the fold.
  48. Ghost - Light weight Wordpress - - The idea of a stripped down, stream lined and fast blogging platform seems like a good idea.
  49. Everything on the net should be dated - - Talking about obvious things that are obvious. Dates should be stamped on everything that is published.
  50. Euro Offshore container - - For a stand on ONS (Offshore Northern Seas) Euro Offshore wanted a stand to showcase their products.
  51. Niels Juels street - - One day while working on a web site of some sort, I got called into a meeting.
  52. Kverneland Næringspark - - My second project at adsign was to make a small film with Eivind showcasing an upcoming industrial area.
  53. Hiking - - During this spring and summer I've been on several hiking trips, usually with Christopher.
  54. Fume Tests - - Fluid dynamics are really fun to play around with. Fume is a plugin for 3ds max to simulate just that.
  55. More Lexi pictures, in Sandveparken - - Catching up on some photo editing. These pictures were taken in early April. Robert and I had another walk with his dog, this time in Sandveparken.
  56. Trustbuddy - - Animation done for Trustbuddy to be shown on Swedish TV4 for a couple of weeks.
  57. Lexi visiting the beach - - Robert and I brought his new dog, Lexi, for her first trip to the beach. I brought my camera for the occasion and was able to grab a handful of decent to good pictures.
  58. A Bit Weird - - I discovered an application for my phone and made a small experimental short film, with weird music.
  59. Weekend trip to Sirdal - - A couple of pictures I took when the sun decided to show itself for a couple of minutes. Bit windy and a long wait for the lift, but really fun to go skiing again. Oh, and it was cold.
  60. Old sketches - - A collection of some sketches I drew and scanned in 2009.
  61. Håvard's post stats - - I counted the posts on hermiene.net and put them into a graph.
  62. Rant about airports - - My experience when departing from Bangkok Airport. A lot of queuing gave me time to observe and think about peoples behavior.
  63. The Good Old Days - - In mid winter of September 2010, in Melbourne at Deakin University, Christian Mønnich gathered a main collective of earlier Noroff students around a table and handed out scripts water marked with each individuals name. It was a script for a "short" film set during World War II.
  64. Beetle - - While making "The Good Old Days" I got an opportunity to make a car for one of the sets. The size in the final render on screen was really small so this is way too detailed. But I really wanted to make this one look good.
  65. 206 - - I actually considered buying a 206 turbo at one point, but I couldn't afford it. It's also French which is not the best thing when it comes to cars, or so I've heard. But it's a really cool car, at least the rally version.
  66. Phone sketches - - Finger painting is fun, and on the phone, not very messy.
  67. Noroff 3DDA - - This is a recap of the works I made during my first year at Noroff taking the course 3D Design and Animation, or 3DDA for short. (Media heavy post).
  68. Panorama pictures, Sola and Stavanger - - These photos where taken with a Canon Ixus 75, And then stitched together in Photoshop to create seemingly huge photos. I scaled 3 of these down to around 1 MB but kept 2 of them at the original size.