Fixed broken audio/video elements -

I discovered that the media elements on this site wasn't working and fixed that.

At some point I broke the markdown parsing for image files (probably changed parser?). To fix that I needed to escape underscores (ie. sed 's/_/\\_/') as underscores are used to italicize text in markdown. So I did a search and replace Sun Jan 20 17:44:05 2019 +0100 and saved my changes. The problem with that was that I didn't need to escape the strings inside HTML, like URI's to audio and video files. In fact I shouldn't have, because now my links there contained the escape characters, linking to non-existent files. I just discovered that.


While I was doing that I also added posters to the video elements. Poster being a place holder image the browser can load inside the player while waiting for the download. To get a poster I found a nifty ffmpeg command to grab the first frame from an mp4 file. The loop will run through every path find locates using the glob *.mp4.


for file in $(find '_/' -name "*.mp4")
    echo $file
    ffmpeg -i $file -vf "scale=iw*sar:ih,setsar=1" -vframes 1 ${file%%.mp4}.png

Preload metadata

I had to look up the attribute for poster and discovered at the same time that preload should be changed as well. I had it set to none but think metadata might be better as that does give some indication on load state as well as how long the clip is.

The default value is different for each browser. The spec advises it to be set to metadata. mdn, <video>

Audio posts

Video posts

Auto formatting

I'm still having some trouble with this since prettier will sometimes try to escape for me. Wondering if the overall solution is to not use any of markdown's special characters in my filenames. I do however like using underscores to substitute space in links as the space escape character looks horrible in URI's, like%20this.

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