Toothache -

The story about the brief period before and my latest visit to the dentist.


I wake up early Saturday morning with pain in the upper right side of my mouth. Pain in general is not great, in the face maybe even less so. I get up, find some painkillers, decide to brush my teeth and use dental floss. I fall asleep again and don't think much about it when I wake up. My hope is probably that I'll be able to clean up well and that will keep any problems at bay. The plan was to find a new dentist for a general checkup after we moved, after the summer vacation. I buy some mouth wash and do a really good job cleaning my teeth in the evening, and the next morning, and the next evening.


I wake up early again. More pain. So that didn't work. Painkillers. They work. For half a day. The pain is worse now. I need a dentist. I need painkillers. I need netflix. I need my couch. Luckily my mother in law picked up Sam earlier to play with his cousin so I get all that, except the dentist. They don't have an available slot until the next day.


I wake up at 07:20, not sure why, the alarm was set for 07:30. Is this an age thing? Or is it the body anticipating that I need to get up at a given time and the internal clock is fairly good in this case? I take some painkillers, and a shower, get dressed, and walk to the dentist. The weather is great and the dentist is a 15 minutes walk away. Told you I moved to a good place. I get the pleasure of practicing my penmanship by filling out a form with personal and medical history. Not sure why that isn't a digital thing since ipads exists (or my phone). My penmanship sucks and it was not a pleasure, but I'm happy to report that I got through it all.

Dead tooth

Friendly assistant. Dentist chair. Sterile, white room. Pop music playing too loudly. A hard rectangle is put into my mouth which I bite into. Edges cutting into the roof of my mouth. Hard to breath. Gag reflex kicking in. I manage to keep calm and not puke. Bonus points for me.


I got a prescription for a penicillin cure. There is a pharmacy at the other side of the road. I buy the tablets and something to drink. My mouth feels weird after the anesthesia. The "Awake Wellness Water" I bought isn't really doing much for me. I take the path along the coast home. It's warm and peaceful.

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