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Niels Juels street - iameven.com

- Even Alander

One day while working on a web site of some sort, I got called into a meeting.

Architect Carl Mikkelsen had a hard time getting his building approved by Stavanger municipality, and wanted a way to show how the building would integrate with the environment in Niels Juels street to hopefully get an approval.

He gave me this drawing and some photos of the area to get started.

Eivind helped me get the camera position using the photos and techniques learned from the Kvernevland Næringspark project. I took the photo with the best angle and started Photoshopping.

I modeled the building based on the sketch and the render fit right into the photo.

I then adjusted things in Photoshop (The changes are easier to spot if you click the image and use the arrows to navigate):

Carl was really happy with the picture and got some additional renders of the building by it self. The project only took 2 days.

Kverneland Næringspark Euro Offshore container