Noroff 3DDA -

This is a recap of the works I made during my first year at Noroff taking the course 3D Design and Animation, or 3DDA for short. (Media heavy post).

Getting started

We started with learning several modeling techniques, and lathe was one of the first. It's basically drawing half the outline of an object and letting the software take over to build the rest. So we created some chess peaces using this technique. The pawns and bishops on this set was created purely with lathe. The rooks, king and queen use lathe to start and then some poly modeling for the unique details. The knights were an optional task to get started with poly modeling.

This image is a rendering of a chess board with blue edges and black and white squares. All the pieces are present and in their default starting position.

We continued on poly modeling, where you position vertices in 3D space using different tools or individual dragging and dropping. We create a power plug to learn about combining round shapes with edges.

A rendering of a polymodeled electrical plug and cord.

I can't remember if we created the Lego bricks as a small assignment or just something we did for fun, because Lego bricks are fun.

3D rendering of a blue, red and yellow unconnected Lego brick posed for a stylish semi-realistic image

We continued poly modeling and got into texturing by building some wooden toy trains. For some reason I got a Christmas mood even though this was only in September (I think). "God Jul!" means "Merry Christmas!".

A Christmas card image with a Brio wood toy train on tracks, surrounded by some simple buildings and trees covered in snow. It is also currently snowing and the word "God Jul" are written in the top left corner. "God Jul" translates to Merry Christmas

I went a bit further and made an animation. For some reason I have 100 000 views on this:

I had to change the sound on Youtube due to copy right violation, but I kept the original file:

We created a teddy bear to learn more about softer and rounder shapes. In a separate assignment we had to texture it and make it our own. Yet again I took it a bit further and created some video game reference teddies. Hit bear being the one I actually delivered.

A 3D rendering of a teddy bear disguised as Super Mario

That same Teddy Bear dressed like Same Fisher, from the splinter cell games series.

Another pose of the Teddy Bear dressed and posed like hitman, from the games with the same name. In the top left corner it says "Hitbear, Codename Teddy-seven"

Getting into the poly modeling I started to create a head, and followed up with making some mechanical details to go on the inside.

A white, slightly transparent female head shape with some mechanical looking parts inside.

The mechanical looking part without the head.

Obligatory assignment 1

For the first big assignment at Noroff we recreated an actual environment. I chose the kitchen at home. I found it quite useful to have direct access to the environment I was building so I could study it in great detail. It was also brand new and good looking, which didn't hurt.

A close to photo realistic 3D rendering of a kitchen.

Here is the picture I used as a reference:

A photo of the kitchen mentioned above

I also made a video to show the making of process:

2011 update

I got some feedback on clutter in the image and how things looks better positioned in groups of three so in 2011 I did a cleanup and re-render.

A cleaned up render I did later of the kitchen in 1920x1080 resolution and a somewhat more tidy, almost empty, look.

Particles and other stuff

3ds max has a pretty impressive particle tool, and we went through setting up nodes and getting the particles to do stuff. These are more tests than anything else.

Obligatory assignment 2

The final assignment for our fall semester was to make a ride film, the idea being a moving camera and at least two environments. I got into the train theme and made a second train animation:

Key frame animation

We studied how light and heavy elements affect each other using the combination of a light ball hitting a heavy box, heavy ball hitting a light box and heavy ball hitting a heavy box.

Obligatory assignment 3

The third big assignment was to create a character, and I went with a female ninja, because I think both are cool. Ideally we were supposed to use these in an animation as well, but I never got around to that.

A female ninja in a T-pose seen from the front.

The same ninja in the same pose seen from the side.

A perspective rendering of the same character and pose

Zoomed in view of the upper half of the body.

Obligatory assignment 4

For the final assignment we were to create a short film. My concept with the ninja was just too much work and the weather was too nice as well. So I sort of threw my opportunity away here and went for a total cliché in the animation world. A character struggling with a door. I made him really simple and added practically no environment.

Special interests section

For each obligatory assignment I had to write a report detailing ideas, challenges and solutions. I've uploaded them for safekeeping, but they are neither very interesting, nor well written (in Norwegian). They do hold some sentimental value for me since I made them as custom designed reports in HTML and CSS:

Panorama pictures, Sola and Stavanger Phone sketches