Digging through old files - iameven.com

I started some work gathering old content and restore my web site to even greater heights than its former glory. Then, I sort of forgot about it, until now.

Adding the nag script got me thinking about what I should write about. The easy answer is the things I've completed, meaning mostly old stuff. Since I want the old stuff to appear more or less chronologically correct I decided to set the date back to when I think is appropriate. On the front page however, it looks like nothing is happening, so I document my "cheating" here. I have collected and kept most of my stuff from 2007, and even older, but 2007 was the year I started on Noroff, learning 3D. I've looked through all my drives, and been lost several times in nostalgia and old stuff, but I managed to find and organize a good amount of renders, work in progress and animations.


There is really no excuse here, only laziness. I never wrote about school work as I did it, and now I sort of regret not doing just that. Mainly because remembering can be hard and my memory is fuzzy on a lot of details. Better late than never, I suppose. Here is a collection of school and private projects:

I also got to do some 3d work while working at adsign. I did write some about it at the adsign website but never got around to posting it on my website. Yet again I'm going to blame the laziness of past me.

Cleaning up

I decided to delete some posts, those not being my content:

And those I didn't want here any more:

Arduino Uno Optimizing for git