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The Good Old Days - iameven.com

- Even Alander

In mid winter of September 2010, in Melbourne at Deakin University, Christian Mønnich gathered a main collective of earlier Noroff students around a table and handed out scripts water marked with each individuals name. It was a script for a "short" film set during World War II.

I say short...

The running time is 16 minutes and a bit of a stretch compared to earlier student films, we or any one else we know of has done. I don't think we expected that when we first read the script. I was skeptical, of both the setting and story of the film (and maybe even the potential length), but being the only group with people I really wanted to work with I joined. I actually wanted to make a show piece of some sort with main focus on beautiful reel shots.

We were 9 people, and in the start we worked a bit individually, but quickly learned how that didn't work. So we started gathering in the bunker beneath the motion capture scene. Having a set work time and (bi-)daily show and tells was a real push for actually producing something every (other) day.

After about 14 weeks, 84 work days (yes, we were at it 6 days a week), approximately 7560 man hours (84 days * 10 hours * 9 people), and a couple of sleepless nights, drum roll...

The Good Old Days

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