Post stats 2014 -

This started as a fun post to encourage Håvard to start updating his website more frequently.


I made a graph showing updates on in 2011. I did this as a poke to get him to post more frequently, and it sort of worked.


I used Posterous temporarily, which only got to see a couple of posts, and in 2012 I'd sort of forgotten about it all. With the simplest blogging platform ever I didn't update frequently.

In 2013 things were a bit different. My own website was up and running and I included my numbers:


Starting a new trend...

... based on an old one.

I did these updates at random points in the year, because it was too much fun not to do when I thought about it. But for this to be correct I have to do this at the end of the year (or as in this case, in the middle of January). I've cheated some during the years for my own sanity and archival purposes. But I'll still count them, because they're there.

I want to continue doing this at the end of every year (or early the year after) and really hope I remember to do so.


For the 2014 edition of this I've limited the graph to the years where we both have posts. This comes with the benefit of making it clearer due to the insane post count on the first few years. I've added all the data to a table beneath the graph, because my plan was actually to make some fancy animated graphs, but that takes time.

drum roll



For archival and possible fancy usage in the future.

2003 N/A 101
2004 N/A 97
2005 N/A 48
2006 1 33
2007 1 18
2008 1 12
2009 1 13
2010 3 4
2011 15 7
2012 4 4
2013 9 3
2014 8 4
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