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Hello blog. A writeup of things happening On line and Off line

On line

Frequent updates is unfortunately not something I can brag about on this blog, but perhaps persistence will be. I've come upon tons of awesome tools for web development the last years and this site often becomes my playground (Yet I've managed to keep it quite structured). Static site generation is the way to go I believe, but there are so many static site generators to chose from. I yet again considered changing back to Jekyll for this blog, but find ruby and gems to be a bit to slow when I test it out. I don't like how file structure works in Hugo, but I can live with it. My rule to focus on content instead of (re)building is hard to follow and I always find myself wanting to change something. Like the sticky menu, turns out my CSS only solution didn't work on iDevices. The quick fix is a plain list in the footer. I also find Git to be the best thing since SFTP. Working with SFTP is super simple, but a bit on the cowboy side of things. Pushing the site live via Git is the best experience ever. It only transfers the changes and with Dokku a hosting environment is built from scratch. It even builds Nginx from source, because it can.

So after finally getting a Linux VM setup and expanding the virtual disk size (because I managed to fill it instantly) I moved this site to a new Dokku server. Will updates be more frequent then? Only the future can tell I'm afraid.

Off line

I've been busy you see. I went to Thailand last December/January and on January first I visited a Buddhist temple. A monk tied a white string arm band around my wrist and promised it would bring me luck in 2014. So far I got a girlfriend, a new job, moved to Oslo, bought a newish car, and have been on several fun weekend trips. I haven't removed that string yet. The moving happened in the end of June and we've been here for 2 months. Pro's so far; great apartment, short distance to everything I need, awesome job, short way to work (I use a bike, every day, it's true). Also many restaurants to chose from, more films on cinema and they're on longer than in Stavanger. And there is cheapish food shopping in Sweden. Con's; Strawberries are not great here, and I don't have as many friends as in Stavanger.

I've read some books; The Maze Runner, which I recommend you don't read. Bland characters and the plot is constantly stopped by characters not revealing information. Rarely (ever, I think) do I stop after the first book in a trilogy, but this time I found it easy. The Bartimaeus Sequence, which is a fun take on magic because it only works by summoning demons. The main character is sort of a brat though. Bartimaeus makes up for it by being fun.

Sort of back to the on line bit. I've got plans to build a book database to keep track of my readings, but time is so sparse. Or I prioritize watching movies. Probably that.

WTF, Spotify? Warm Echo