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- Even Alander

This is cheesy song I made at a large LAN party called Warp Zone

Digging deeper in to my Reason folder I found this "gem" that I made at a LAN party. I think this was in October, 2007 [citation needed].

I would put it into the Cheesy Happy Speed Light Hardcore genre. not that I think that exists, but I find it describes it well. While it's not my proudest work and probably made after staying awake for 70 hours I still find it somewhat catchy.

Download: mp3 - ogg

It is actually 173.5 BPM. That is drum and bass speed.

I did some mastering before exporting and converting this, trying to really emphasize the bass. The lead synth sounds a bit tame, not quite filling the area enough. I also think it is a bit out of tune when it goes up one note in the end, but it wouldn't be properly cheesy without it.

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