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I've started filling up this page with my earlier content, starting with my latest blog and the blog on

Håvard suggested that I should re-upload and add my earlier web stuff to this website, an idea I think is great.

So I started with what is most accessible; my latest blog that had five updates during a short week last fall and the blog from that saw 10 updates in 2011. I only kept four of the posts from iameven, as one is for an incomplete Wordpress theme, which makes the post seem incomplete. I also couldn't decide what category to put it in. It's a download, and I feel I will need a downloads section at one point, but now it's the only one, and an incomplete one at that.

Now I need to go digging through my hard drives for embarrassing gold. I have some flash websites from my early web days. post stats

While I'm on the topic of update numbers, in 2011 I did a post count of It was mostly just for fun, using a graph creator from a kids website (which I managed to find again!), but also hoping to push Håvard to start updating more frequently. It sort of worked, seeing as he almost doubled the amount of posts in 2011, but it was nowhere near his earlier years. Time for another push, and this time I'm joining in.

hermiene vs iameven post stats

List of posts added


*Has since been removed, see Digging through old files.

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