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Euro Offshore container - iameven.com

- Even Alander

For a stand on ONS (Offshore Northern Seas) Euro Offshore wanted a stand to showcase their products.

My task in all this was to create an image from inside one of their office type containers.

I started by finding some render settings and setting up an environment with correct measurements. The balls are there to showcase something black, gray and white to make sure the white balance is correct.

We bought some models of Turbosquid and Evermotion, and I filled the container with details.

I temporarily snuck in an adsign screen dump (of that web site) that was of course changed to their logo before the final render.

Eivind helped tweak/add some details and do the final push for the render.

We got it plotted on three wall pieces to give the spectator a feeling of almost standing in the container. There is something really spectacular about seeing something I've worked on in this scale.

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