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- Even Alander

I know nearly nothing about working with electronics or programming with hardware. Soon, however...

I bought an Arduino Starter Kit to learn something about that. The kit includes a book with 15 example projects, an Arduino Uno (the actual unit), a bread board (for connecting electronics), a small heap with transistors, resistors, wires, light diodes and sensors, a servo and electro magnetic motor and a small LCD display.

arduino starterkit

I've only just read through the introduction and first chapter, while following along but I did manage to get that light working.

Nothing special happening here, the Arduino is only used as a power supply, getting its own power from my laptop through a USB cable. A resistor limits the amount of energy going to the switch (a button). Apparently it does this by using some of the energy to generate heat. After the switch a light diode is connected. A diode can only transfer energy one way. The other end of the light is connected to ground completing the circuit. That is, when I click the button on the switch as seen in the video.

I am the master of the light.

OK! I'm not an inventor just yet, and I'm not sure I ever will be. My plan is to learn about the Arduino and what possibilities lies within, and maybe create my own project after finishing the starter kit book. We'll just have to wait and see what time permits.

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