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- Even Alander

A late night Trackmania Turbo and Omega Tau podcast session.

Trackmania Turbo

Trackmania is a great podcast game. Podcast game being a term Håvard and I have used to describe games with certain characteristics that make them podcast friendly. The requirements are roughly:

I bought Trackmania Turbo after having visited Håvard and played it on his PS4 for a while. Unfortunately my computer struggled a bit with running it. So I stopped playing and sort of forgot about it. But with my recent PC upgrade I've been eager to use the PC again.

Die Adobe

After getting a bit tired of Geometry Wars 3 yesterday, I looked through what I had installed, and started to clean up. At some point I had installed a trial for Adobe Premiere. To uninstall these I had to use the Adobe Creative Cloud application. So I had to log in. Log into a cloud application to uninstall a local application.

After digging up the password from Bitwarden, Creative Cloud wanted to verify my email for some reason. And of course that email wasn't sent at once, so I had to wait a couple of minutes. Verified, all good. No. Now it had to update Creative Cloud and the applications before I could start the damn thing.

Finally it decided to show the actual Creative Cloud application. After digging around I found the list of installed applications. For each application there was a button that listed a couple options. The bottom option was "process". Clicking that took me to a new list where the only option was uninstall.

Making it that hard to uninstall local software makes me not ever want to support a company. Which is why I won't go back to Spotify (they made it cumbersome to unsubscribe from the service).

But I digress.

Omega Tau

I came across uplay and sort of wanted to uninstall uplay as well. But then I realized Trackmania Turbo was there and how I had not played that enough (of course remembering the issues I had). It runs super smooth on my new GPU. Yey.

So I played it for a while until I got tired of the sound track. I remembered how I used to play previous Trackmanias while listening to podcasts, so right around midnight I decided to find one of those.

Some time ago a colleague recommended the Omega Tau podcast. Specifically the episode on self driving cars and container shipping. Which are both good episodes.

Later I came across the episode on synthesizers and I loved that one. No episode has been quite as good as that one for me. But I still check in occasionally to see what the new episodes are about.

So somewhat past midnight I found the recent episode on how processors got so fast. Like the one with synthesizers, which I also started listening to late at night, I couldn't stop listening until the end.

I took gold on all the white courses and 2 of the green ones in Trackmania Turbo at the same time.

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