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- Even Alander

I discovered an application for my phone and made a small experimental short film, with weird music.

I just had a bit of fun with the 8mm vintage camera application on iphone. It's an app that makes the iphone camera worse by adding a filter to the movie, and lowering the frame rate and resolution. It also lets you add the moving frame effect while filming, but it's a bit random. It is however wicked fun to make a crappy movie.

This is filmed on the walk home from Tom, with some testing at Tom's place. I immediately sat down and started making some strange music. The last thing Tom and I talked about was clowns so I guess that inspired the music. I also knew that I wanted it to be noisy. I cut and timed the film clips to the music hopefully making it look and sound interesting, or at least enough to make you watch all of it.

I would love to do more of the appear/disappear thing, so I'll possibly make another film in the weekend.

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