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While making "The Good Old Days" I got an opportunity to make a car for one of the sets. The size in the final render on screen was really small so this is way too detailed. But I really wanted to make this one look good.


I got the basic shape up really quickly, before making any work in progress renders.

I just had to do a test render with the head lights turned on.

This would probably have been good enough for the film:

But I got so into the flow that I continued working. One thing I noticed was that I made it too short.

This render I adjusted in Photoshop to make it pop a bit. Mostly in contrast, vignetting and a very small chromatic aberration:

In its final form it looks like this:

There are of course some more adjustments I could do. Interior, for one.

Bonus renders

I'm not completely sure at what point in the process I rendered these, but it would be a shame not to keep them, so here they are:

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