Maintenance -

- Even Alander

Let's blow off some dust of here with some work updates, some site updates, some personal goals, and some news about Sam.


Most of this year at work I've spent time putting a project into maintenance mode. Meaning it won't see any new features, just the occasional bug fix and such. I've spent many years on the project. Putting it into maintenance mode is a bit sad, but it also did a lot of good things for the code base. And I've learned a thing or two about maintainable code. Learnings I hope to take with me into the future.

This site is sort of in maintenance, I occasionaly write something, but I'm mostly just keeping it running. And it doesn't take much, luckily. I've managed to not change tech stack for this page for quite a long time now. Sort of an achievement for me.

Håvard suddenly had a flurry of posts on his website, and that prompted me to dust of the good old folder.


I went down the post list and started reading. I enjoy that, it is why I keep writing here. Doing that I discovered quite a few spelling mistakes and code block formatting errors. So I fixed those. I guess there are more, since I didn't go through everything, but small fixes help.

I discovered that some of my dependencies to build this page needed upgrades. And Prettier was for some reason not doing its thing to my HTML. So I fixed that as well. Inspect source for pretty printed HTML. One down side is that my inlined CSS takes up a huge vertical block now. But other than that it is very readable I find.


February 2019 I stated some goals for my self. I did participate in that relay race, and did OK. I planned to that this year as well, but, oh well.

I completed goal number 1 from that list. In April, this year. But I got there, in like 60 weeks or so. Maybe it is dangerous to state your goals if you want to reach them. At the same time, quite a lot ended up happening that year at work (it's always easy to find excuses).

I'm still going strong on this now, even though I haven't made any progress on that hand stand. And my weight has been somewhat in flux since before this summer. But I'm running, mostly every week, some times more than once a week (pat on own back).

I guess I'm at step 3 now, at the very least I have some excess weight to lose, I'll maybe not be so strict about a time line and partial goals. I still can't do a pull up. Guess I'll just die if I end up hanging by the edge of a cliff.

School kid

My kid, Sam, started school this year. That is sort of a big deal. It's a drag getting him to do his home work, I get it, but once we actually sit down with it he is very driven and eager to do his best.

He got slightly sick and had to stay home for a week due to the Covid guidelines (He did not have Covid). He told us that he should probably stay at home for at least 50 days. But once he got back to school the following week he again seemed very eager about it.

Reading back on my posts on this site I haven't written much about him. I didn't even announce his birth in 2014. On one side I've been really concious about exposing him on the Internet. On the other, I might have taken that a bit to far. I want to celebrate him and I want to remember the good times. Maybe I'll do better. Maybe I'll find a balance.