Panorama pictures, Sola and Stavanger -

These photos where taken with a Canon Ixus 75, And then stitched together in Photoshop to create seemingly huge photos. I scaled 3 of these down to around 1 MB but kept 2 of them at the original size.

Full versions

Click on the images to get the full version, location and sizes are listed below each image. They open in a new tab by default, Enjoy.


Varabergtunet. (1.00 MB) A 360 degree horizontal panorama photo of Varabergtunet in Sola, Norway.


Breiavannet. (0.89 MB) Another 360 degree horizontal panorama photo of Breiavannet in Stavanger, with some glitchy stitching.

Old Stavanger. (1.11 MB) 360 degrees photo of the city edge of old Stavanger, Aleksander is sitting on the bench.

Concert hall. (11.3 MB) A quite huge photo-stitch of the old Stavanger Concert Hall.

The oil museum. (6.07 MB) Another huge photo-stitch of the Oil Museum in Stavanger.

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