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Reporting directly to you from a chair seated right next to Håvard.


I've considered adding comments to this site a couple of times, but I'm not a huge fan of the solutions. They seem to focus on advertisement or growing their platform. So of course I considered creating my own solution. Even if I did create my own solution it would be in JavaScript, and I sort of want to keep this page quite pure. I only have a couple of custom scripts on this page to add some small details.

It is not critical if they are missing, but they add a nice touch when present.

An idea I've seen other blogs do is redirect comments to twitter. But then people would need to be twitter users. I've also seen the idea of manually updating the page when there is any input from any source. I'm opting for that solution. I came across a service named Formspree. It lets you add contact forms to static web sites. That form is now attached to all my posts. And then removed again. Meaning that if anyone for any reason wants to get in touch with me they easily can.


I noticed that it's been a while since I wrote the description on the top of my front page. It used to be the following:

The personal blog of Even Alander, containing a lot of information about how this blog is built, but also some posts of somewhat creative stuff. ― Even Alander, (pre 2019)

Now it reads:

Hi. I am Even. Even Alander. By day, typer of TypeScript. By night, father of son, husband of wife, watcher of TV, player of games, writer of music, author of texts, reader of books… This is my personal public diary, or blog if you prefer. Here you can read about my mundane life, my creative projects, and about this web site. ― Even Alander,

I wanted to make sure it reflects what I want the site to be about. It's also a bit whimsical, which I enjoy. And there is a reference to a novel by Iain M. Banks, which I recommend.

Sibling posts

I've been listing all the posts beneath every post. That is also what the front page is for, so I changed this to only show the previous and next post. I added a footer which links back to the front page because I couldn't immediately find a nice way to include that information with the other links.


Håvard Skjæveland

I got around to visiting Håvard and I am in fact seated right next to him now. We've played a bunch of Geometry Wars 3 co-op and watched many YouTube videos. We have this ritual of adding to our lists of favorites and going through the new videos when we meet. Hilarity and in-jokes ensues.

Head over to Håvard's post to see me from were he was sitting.

Indistinct Podcast game