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Ghost - Light weight Wordpress - iameven.com

- Even Alander

The idea of a stripped down, stream lined and fast blogging platform seems like a good idea.

A light weight Wordpress intrigues me because I've been thinking about the same thing, just not in as much detail. My idea have been more about making really light weight themes for Wordpress.

Ghost wants to change all that. Keep a useful core that is a blog but take away all the unused stuff. Incorporate common plugins to its core since almost everyone will install SEO plugins and the like. Comments as disqus or other plugin sure can work, though I like to own and host all the content myself, and don't rely to much on JavaScript (I mean, we want to keep this simple, right?).

I can really get behind the idea, I want to see it happen, it only scares me that the guy with the idea has published it as several images on a web site. Not very web, if you ask me. Click on the picture to read the concept or give a page view to the ghost project.


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