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- Even Alander

A crack at Crackdown 3. I got to borrow Håvards Xbox One to play Crackdown 3.

A city of fun and danger

In this world there is only one city left in the world, that prospers, as there has been a global blackout. The Agency goes in to investigate but is shot down when approaching and everyone is killed. Luckily the Agency can restore a person from DNA, which is nifty, letting you go in to "investigate" what is happening in the city. Investigate in the previous sentence means blow shit up, essentially. TerraNova, this game's Evil corp, is using a fictional resource called Chimera for bad shit, and exploiting the islands citizens as slave labor to mine Chimera. It's highly explosive which comes to your advantage when turning it on the enemy.

As in the first game there are three factions, though they are all within the same company here. Taking them out makes the other parts of the game easier as you remove TerraNova's security-, logistics- and industry division. The difficulty seems to ramp up by missions done, so it doesn't matter too much which way you try to go about this. There are however some more heavily armed units in the security faction.


Since the agent you controlled was rebuilt you have to build up every skill from scratch, something that is not the case when you die during gameplay. The skills are:

3 of these you upgrade by doing them, but agility is only improved by collecting orbs or doing races, and driving by jumping through stunt rings and completing races. The orbs and other indicators are explained in game as showing up due to augmented reality, which is sort of cool, but also not necessary. It's by far not the least realistic thing in this world. And who needs realism? I'd much rather have automatic rocket launchers, which this game has. Or the weapon called Oblivion which creates a small black hole to suck enemies into before it blows up doing massive damage.

When upgrading a skill some new feature will also be unlocked, like double jumping or dashing in-air. This makes it very fun to move around in the city. The balance between making you feel powerful while still presenting a challenge is really well done.

My take

It truly is fun, maybe partly for the nostalgia factor, but also explosions. It never feels dull to me. I decided to play through on Super Agent difficulty, which made it challenging at times. The missions are quite hard and there are many enemies around you at most times. The levels are interesting, but somewhat hard to navigate at times. The enemies are varied and you need different techniques and firepower to take them out.

It looks really nice. The world is colorful, bright at day, and neon lit by night. Håvard convinced me to get a 4K monitor and my old PC monitor really needed a replacement by now. The old one had DVI and VGA inputs only, for god's sake. Not sure if its good looks are thanks to the monitor, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

The music and sound effects can be summed up with the word "bass".

My problems with it

Criticizing critiques

I looked briefly at reviews of the game and a common pattern among them looked to be that it is too much like the original and has a design that is dated by 12 years. Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention to what has happened in gaming, but I really can't say what is so much more intuitive in new games. I could pretty much do everything I expected to do at the times I expected to do them. The controls feel really good (except when they don't register a click of course) and the movement in game is liberating (like it was in the original). I, for one, am happy about a sequel being more of the same idea with basically new weapons and enemy types, a new setting and some designs pushed further than the last time. I just have too much fun navigating this city to notice if something is dated.

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