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I actually considered buying a 206 turbo at one point, but I couldn't afford it. It's also French which is not the best thing when it comes to cars, or so I've heard. But it's a really cool car, at least the rally version.


I actually started this one in 2009 and only picked it up again to use in an animation. I started with too many polys, too early, but managed to clean it up and get the solid shape.

Material testing

I really like this look, and it's easy to do, but the render time was just too high for me to use it in an animation.

I did a short animation test to calculate render time.

UVW map and texture

Before starting the boring texture work I had to try a simpler material, but I quickly realized I needed to take this all the way.

And so I did. it's not perfect, but it works, and the render time was lowish.

Escaping perfection

This was the animation I worked on in the first semester at Deakin University. I didn't really put the time needed into this, which is a common pattern when I work on something by myself. But I played around with fume, which is fun.

Do also note the half minute of credits to fill out the total time.

Continued work

I did continue working on this after the animation, but sadly not to perfection.

Phone sketches Beetle