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Totally forgot that I've posted some music here earlier, and should continue doing that. At least when I'm somewhat happy with what I've made.

Reason 7

I bought an upgrade to Reason 7 recently. They've done some changes since version 4. I sort of stopped upgrading after that. Main points are; new mixer (which is a bit complex), new effects, layout changes and something called rack extensions. They are basically VSTs built for Reason, since Propellerhead (maker of Reason) don't want to support everything that is out there. The audio capabilities are also better, with direct recording and audio clip manipulation in the sequencer.

Midi keyboard

I used to borrow a midi keyboard from Tom, but I returned it to him when I moved to Oslo. So I bought one; an Akai MPK225. Have a look at my desk with the midi keyboard in this blurry photo:

It is really nifty, it has pads for drums, and knobs for tweaking the sound. I bought the 2 octave version because I don't play chords and melody at the same time, and it fits really well on my desk.

I said something about music

Playing around, trying to test out the new stuff in Reason, I found the Alligator effect which chops up the sound in fancy ways. I used it on a copy of the bass track I made and the result got really dynamic. I then added a simple melody on top that I think is quite catchy.

Download: mp3 - ogg

There's not much more to it. Liking that part I sort of copy pasted it for three minutes, with a break in the middle.

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