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Old Norwegian

Håvard somehow ended up reading a post from my old norwegian blog the other day and rightly complained that the pictures weren't loading. After fixing that issue (and another CSS related issue I found) I took a trip down memory lane ending up in nostalgia avenue. In the first post I admit to blogging, tongue-in-cheek, like it's a bad thing. I had decided to keep an online diary and the following posts are mostly about everyday life. And I really enjoyed reading that. It sparked my memory of several things.

In addition to everyday life there are some injections about how the site is being developed. That is a habit I haven't been able to kick. But I happen to like reading about that as well. I was learning PHP at the time and I got exited about things like including a file in another. I vaguely remember creating this system automatically importing the last posts in a list and loading posts by URL path names. In the posts I write about how I want to use a database for this, but I don't think my system was that bad. My current blog is built and served as separate files. I had sort of invented static blogging for myself.


I've written before on this blog that I would like to have some project or significant thing to write about before updating. Yet I've also complained about not being able to update, because I don't really have anything to write about. Reading my old page makes me realize that I do have things to write about. My pretty mundane everyday life. I would like to get into the habit of doing this again. So…

Hi, my name is Even, and, ehm, I'm a blogger.

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