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Playing with time lapse - iameven.com

- Even Alander

I Brought my camera out, put it on a tripod and made it take pictures on a timed interval.

Time-lapse is the process of taking pictures of the same thing on a timed interval and put them together for a fast moving movie.

1 - Motorway

I ordered a digital remote for my DSLR camera and had to test it immediately when it arrived. So my first go was of the Motorway. It worked fairly well, but I didn't get long enough exposure (only .5 seconds) and I think the delay between pictures might have been a bit long for such fast moving objects (Even though there are only 3 seconds between each photo).

2 - Motorway at night

The next day I wanted to try the same thing with even longer exposure, so I waited until it was darker before I started. The problem was that my camera used around 5 seconds to save an 8 second exposure image to the memory card, so the delay between photos was even longer here. That makes it all look a bit jumpy and glitchy. I still think the effect is cool though. Had I been a bit earlier I could have seen more changes in the sky color. I'll have to try again.

3 - Clouds

I was hoping for some fluffy clouds the next day, but the sky was all gray. The day after I was in luck. Since it ended up being somewhat unplanned I walked up to the top of a hill nearby and rigged up. This is by far the best of the three. I was in real luck with setting up the camera to point to where the clouds disappeared.

After shooting

I sequenced the images in After Effects. Using the Raw image format I was able to do quite a bit with the images (adjusting contrast, color temperature, exposure and saturation mainly) on import. I then used the camera stabilize plugin to smooth it all out. For some reason there was movement in the frame, even though the camera was on a tripod. Maybe it was affected by wind. While that processed I made som short music loops in Reason, just for some background noise. That is what 20 minutes of music making sounds like (I didn't bother doing this for the second film, the processing was also quicker).

Slow moving objects

That is definitely the way to go. I will try to get some more good shots of clouds, I just love to watch the way clouds move. I also want to try getting the sun set (but then I guess I'll have to get a filter for my lens).

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