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Fine Day - iameven.com

- Even Alander

This is a song I made, but never finished, and probably never will

I opened Reason (music software), as I tend to do, and started browsing some of my music, which happens when inspiration is lacking.

I realized that this track is actually quite chill. I had it on repeat while reading and almost forgot it was there for a moment. I probably didn't do anything with this earlier as I probably planned to make it longer and switch it up a bit, but that'll probably never happen. So I did some mastering, exporting and converting.

Download: mp3 - ogg

I did a quick Google search for HTML5 audio player and mediaelement.js came up. It looks nice and seemed easy to install, so I did. It only required a bit of tweaking in my template files. While I was at it I removed some Jekyll plugins and moved all my files to a separate folder to avoid mess and potential naming conflicts in the future. Things are looking good.

Restoring iameven WZ